The container store is a small restaurant, but its advangates more than the resturant. The container can be moved, you can put the kiosk to the place, everywhere is ok.  If you want to open a food contanier store, you can reduce much cost. Comparing with the restaurant, the contanier doesn’t need so much decoration, but the restaurant need to decorate the whole store style, such as some lights, walls decoration, and the ceiling. And the area of the restaurant is too bigger than the container. If you want a food store but without too much cost, 20ft container coffee shop is your best choice. I will show you one contanier coffe shop

Description of 20ft container store

First, let’s have a view on the container frame. Look at the pictuer, it is the internal structure design of the container. The basicDescription of 20ft container coffee shop material is plywood, and the surface is the black men made stone, which is smooth and easy to be cleaned. There is one tempered galss showcase to display the food. People can choose the food type here. And two sides of the showcase is the countertop, one side can use as cash register, and another side can put some tools and machines. One sink is put in the middle of the u shape. There are still one small showcase and other food machines and decoration on the countertop. In fact, the space of the countertop is too much and enough, you can take good use of it. And two small countertop can be used to put something.

Let’s have a view on the whole container design. When the container store has been opened, the two sides door can serve as the floor. We can put some tables and desks on it for customers. People can order the food and enjoy and have a good rest when they sit here. Due to it is outdoor container store, the canopy is a good design and necessary. Not only it can keep out the sun and rain, but also can bring the cool to the customers. You can also put the container coffee shop on the beach. There are many travellers, before or after the swimming, they can have some food or rest in your container coffee shop with friends. The main color of the container coffee shop is brown. The canopy is brown and white stripes decoration. Every corner has the flowers decoration, which looks very stylish.

How to order a container shopHow to order a container shop

We are a professional custom factory. All furniture is customized base on our customers’requirements. Normally, the container is 20ft and 40ft. You can choose the size you want, and tell us what style you like, then send us the relevant pictures. Of course we will recommend the styles to you after you tell us the container for your what business. Then the salesperson will integrate your all information to our designer. The design is $300, it can be returned to you after you order from us. We suggest you making a 3D design which conbime your all equipment, then you can have a whole view and know your equipment can be on which placed is better. The design can be modified for you if you want changes. While the design is ok for you, we will offer you a best price base on the deisgn.

If the details and payments are confirmed, we will start to arrange the production for you. During the production, we will take some pictures for you and let you know its process. After the container is finished, we will arrange the shipping for you.


Design fee: $300

Design time: 2-4 working days

Production time: 22-25 working days

Shipping time: 25-30 days

Payment:50% before production, 50% before shipping

How to order a container shop

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