Modern style clothes display cabinet outdoor container pop-up store

The container store is a new business model to start the business. A container kiosk is very cost effective because it makes use of existing structures. For the container kiosk, we will use an existing container. And then inside we put the customized display furniture to fill it. You can put different display showcases according to your business.

Another is time efficiency. – Again, because you’re essentially using an existing structure. It converting a container can be more time efficient than creating a traditional retail kiosk from scratch.



This is a clothes container shop that we use a 20GP container as a foundation to make. You can see from the 3d design of the clothing container shop the main color is black color and the inside matches the white color. In the clothing shop display cabinet, we use MDF with black baking paint and with the clothes display racks. It also includes some seating areas for the customer to wait and have rest.


One of the important advantages of a clothing container kiosk is removable. You can move it to any other place by forklift. And also it not only can display the clothes but also other products. You can use it as a pop-up store to sell many products. It can use to make a restaurant also, just change inside to a food work counter. We can make the design as your need.



We will ship this container kiosk as a normal container. We will put the display furniture inside the container and then ship a whole container to you. After you receive the container kiosk, you can use it directly. Very convenient and durable use not easy to be broken.

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