Outdoor container food shop customize retail coffee counter

If you want to open a coffee shop used for the outdoor, we suggest to make a container coffee kiosk. A container cafe kiosk can as a coffee shop and it can also move anywhere you want. The size of a container coffee kiosk has 20ft and 40ft two sizes for selection.



The size of this container coffee kiosk is 20ft. On the front can put some bar chairs for the customer to sit. Inside is the work counter, we will design the coffee food counter according to your need.

You can send the equipment list include the size and picture. Then we can put them on the 3D design and because you send the size of them, our designer will leave the correct space for you.


For the container food kiosk, we will use the existing container and paint it with the color you want. And the material of inside work counter, we can use plywood with laminate. For the countertop, we better use stone material – man-made stone & quartz stone, or solid wood material. The color you can choose whatever you want.




Our company can provide a professional 3d container coffee kiosk design to you. A customize 3d container food shop will charge a 300$ design deposit. We will make the design exactly fit your requirement.

Our design team will make and send the container food shop design to you in 3-5 working days. We can send the 3d container kiosk design to you for confirmation. And then if the 3d container coffee kiosk design needs any changes, we can do it for you. The design revision is for free.

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