Do you are excellent products and want to promote in the shopping mall or public? Then you will need a unique design product experience booth. No matter how good your products are, only people understand it or see it can they make an order decision? Therefore, a product test kiosk or product experience center is important to a new brand.

Here below is a typical product test kiosk for the NANO screen fix kiosk.  The full kiosk are in two parts front counter and back counter, customers can easily see the products, flyers in the front counter, and they are glass showcase with storage cabinet for the back counter. Over the back counter, there ‘s a higher stand with advertising TV  display the products Video all day long.

For most of the new products, advertising is the key point. So, the kiosk design must have the following function.

  • Easy to see the ads from a far distance.
  • Must have a display counter to show the effect of the product.
  • Have a big and attractive color and Logo
  • Enough storage places.

If you want to build a modular products kiosk similar to this screen fix kiosk, welcome to visit us, we mainly custom design and manufacture all types of mall kiosk . retail kiosk and display booth.  Products kiosk is different from cell phone fix kiosk or screen fix kiosk. In cell phone repair kiosk, most of the screen is changes. But nano fix kiosk is just using liquid to fill your scratch. Very nice products will need a unique kiosk.

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