Mobile phones change the way we live, change our way of life, learn, walk, wait for the car. When we are lonely, it is always with us, it brings us unlimited fun. For our work and study indeed Bringing great help has greatly improved the efficiency of life and enriched our life. We all know that with the development of technology, this product of smartphone has gradually replaced the PC and penetrated into all aspects of entertainment and life. Modern society is becoming more and more powerful with the increasing level of smartphones.

As a modern communication tool, mobile phones are more and more popular because of their convenience. Especially with the changes in mobile terminals, chat, video, games, Weibo, shopping, navigation… More and more powerful, it has already exceeded the concept of communication tools that people defined earlier. And it has become an all-powerful mobile terminal. Everyone will have one or more cellphone, so when our mobile phone is broken, you will need to take to repair it.

New style cellphone repair kiosk

The cellphone repair kiosk was shipped to our France customer. The material is MDF with red and white baking paint. You can see the 3 D design drawing shows it has 2 repair work desks and a cash counter. Another place with some hooks to display the cellphone case for customers to choose.

This design is simple but very useful. The logo is Acrylic logo. And with the lighted box to advertising. For the glass, we use the 8 mm tempered glass. Do you like this design?

New style cellphone repair kiosk

Come on to pay 300 USD to start your own design. Tell us your size of the location, your requirements. Then we will make the 3D design drawing all as your requirements.

We will revise it until you are satisfied with the design and get the mall approval. ( three times free for you ).

Please feel free to contact us for more details on Email: sales20@uniquekiosk.com.

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