Hello, friends. Are you looking for a phone display showcase to for your business? If your answer is yes, and your business is related to phone and phone accessories, please follow the steps. This phone repair display kiosk will give you some ideas for your own kiosk.

The basic tone is white with red color for decoration. Why should we use red for this phone repair display kiosk? Yeah, Red is the longest wavelength of all colors, so he can impress us. Decorating with red can make your store more visible and prominent. Now let’s view the layout together.

Phone repair kiosk

As we can see in the front. You can put phone cases in the glass cabinets. There are three glass cabiets with 2-row hooks, it can hang on more cases. Besides, on the corner is a semi-circular repair station. We can see two big signs with repair tools here. The seni-curcular design can reduce the sharp corners to avoiding customer injury. On the right side, there is a glass display showcase on the counter, you can display some attractive products, like small intelligent robot, Bluetooth mobile power headset, etc. Back side are three high stand, the one with logo is for display, and the other two are to put models. You can also put posters and video ads. there. Uner the counter are more space for storage. All the storage cabinets with locked doors. It’s very safe even at night.

Phone repair kiosk

This phone repair kiosk with light, even in the glass display cabinet. And the sign of repair tool also with light. If you need more lights, we can add light on the kicking and floor as well. Isn’t amazing?

No you can feel free to think about your own kiosk size, style and feel free to tell us. Our designer can give you a new similar design.

The basice material is MDF. When you want to know further inforamtion about it. Please email us or leave your questions here, we will reply at once. Hope you will like this phone kiosk design. Thank you for the time!

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