Project name: Cell phone & repair kiosk

Kiosk size: 5x2m

Project address: Westfield shopping mall in Sydney Australian

Cell phone & repair kiosk description

This is an integrated cell phone service kiosk, which covers the sales of cell phone accessories, cell phone recycling, and cell phone repair, as well as selling new cell phones of different brands. As you can clearly see, this kiosk is divided into different areas. Different display cabinets can display products of different brands. Of course, it also has a maintenance area and an independent cashier counter. This kiosk mainly sells mobile phones and repairs mobile phones, so it has fewer showcases and more workspaces.  Our display cabinets are all affixed with brand labels so that customers will be more convenient when choosing our products. In addition to the display cabinet, we also have a tall logo on which we can put the name of our logo or our service, which is also more conspicuous. It is easy to highlight our business.

For cell phone display, our lighting is very important. In addition to our display cabinet, we also installed several spotlights on the top, which can directly illuminate our entire kiosk. This way we have a brighter field of vision when we work. Our kiosk has many colors, which are all designed according to the requirements. If you are used to this style but you have different ideas, you can tell us.

Cell phone & repair kiosk material

The main materials of our kiosk are MDF and baking varnish. Many mobile phone cabinets use this material. We can choose the color of the paint arbitrarily, it has bright and matte points. The bright light looks very shiny, and it is also the choice of more people. The lamp on the top and the pole of the logo is made of stainless steel with gray paint. We will install wires in the tube so that we can connect our spotlights. We generally use 8mm toughened glass. It is very strong. We will install a lock on the glass so that we can lock it at night. Our logo or letters uses acrylic. You need to send us your logo file, and we will make the logo based on your file.

There are generally two kinds of materials for our kiosk, MDF with baking paint and plywood with laminate. If your mall has requirements for materials, you can tell us.

The process of ordering kiosk

  1. Confirm the size and requirements. If you have a location in your mall, you can tell me the size of the location. We can design the kiosk according to your size and your requirements. If you have your favorite kiosk size, you can send us.
  2. Start design. We have our designer team, they will help us to design the kiosk. Our design fee is 300USD. When we place an order, it will be returned to you.
  3. Confirm the design. Once we confirm the design, you can send it to your mall for approval. When it passes the approval, we can start production.
  4. Start production. Before production, you need to pay a 50% order deposit. Then we will start production. Production time is about 28 working days.
  5. Complete production. We will send you pictures or videos of the kiosk. You can check. Then you need to pay a 50% balance payment. We will arrange the shipment. We can ship the goods to your nearest port.
  6. Transportation. Different countries have different transportation time. European countries take about one month, Australia takes about 25 days, and the United States and Canada take about 35 days.

Our kiosk price is based on size, material, and style. If you want to know the kiosk price, you need to send us what size you need and the kiosk picture, then we can give you an estimated price.


We will buy some cases we like for our mobile phone, because mobile phones are expensive, if the screen is broken, we will find a professional mobile phone service station to repair it. So the mobile phone repair station is very popular with people.

As the manufacturing leader of the cell phone repair kiosk, it is very necessary for us to provide you with all the information about “how to customize cell repair phone kiosk” and “if you want to buy the cell phone repair kiosk”. If you want to start your business in the mall, you can tell us what you think. We can provide a kiosk that you are satisfied with. We have our own factory, and the prices are all ex-factory prices. There is no middleman, and the prices are very affordable. We very much look forward to our cooperation.

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