Project name: Cell phone repair kiosk

Project address: Westfield shopping mall in Sydney Australian

The design pictures about repair kiosk and this kiosk made of MDF, The surface made of backing paint.

This is an integrated mobile phone service kiosk, which covers the sales of mobile phone accessories, mobile phone recycling and mobile phone repair, as well as selling new mobile phones of different brands. As you can clearly see, this A is divided into different areas, including the iPhone sales area, Huawei sales area, and Samsung mobile phone counter. Of course, it also has a maintenance area and an independent cashier counter.

We will buy some cases we like for our mobile phone, because mobile phones are expensive, if the screen is broken, we will find a professional mobile phone service station to repair. So the mobile phone repair station is very popular with people.

As the manufacturing leader of the cell phone repair kiosk, it is very necessary for us to provide you with all the information about “how to customize cell repair phone kiosk” and “if you want to buy the cell phone repair kiosk”.

We have done more than 1000 units of cell phone projects in Australia. We can provide a lot of 3D drawings for your reference.

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Phone repair kiosk