Nowadays. The demand for mobile phones is increasing. More people own one or even two mobile phones. No matter old people, office workers, teenagers, all have a strong dependence on mobile phones. It is part of our socialising, working and living.

With the use of mobile phones, a variety of related services have emerged. So, phone accessories and phone repair service is very welcome and hot sale. here the one i wanna share is a very creative mobile phone case kiosk for your meet. let’s see more details  together.

More introduce about this cell phone kiosk:

We can saw the whole kiosk mainly tone is whte, match a little brown wood grain, it’s very fashion and exquisite. the front and back side is a ”  L” shape counter, in the middle is a passage, client can go through from here.the surface is aluminum groove plant display and glass display showcase, the inside is some wooden cabinet for storage. you will notice there also have four special square shape decoration, it’s so beautiful.

phone kiosk phone kiosk

Basic information about this cell phone kiosk.

Size: 4000x2500mm.

Material : MDF, Veneer, tempered glass.

Accessories:  led light strip, acrylic logo. lock.

Delivery: 22-25 work days.

Package: foam inside+wooden box outside.

Usage: phone store, shopping center.


About assemble:

If you choose order a customize kiosk in China,  i think the most things you worried is the  assemble and wire connection. Unique as a direct manufacturer, we are a professor for customize and design mall kiosk. for the phone kiosk set up, before we production it, we already consider and cut it to some reasonable part, mark it 1,2,3, 4,….. when you receive it, just according to the phone kiosk 3d design and floor plan put each part together, connect each part wire, use the mainly wire connect the local wire.  the whole kiosk is very easy to work.


Thanks for your time and reading,  hope this article is helpful for your business, if you’re interested to build a phone kiosk or for more detail info, pls feel free to contact us here.welcome to inquiry! just share your ideas, we can make it come true!


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