Modern & Attractive Cupcake kiosk design concept ideas for the mall

Hunting for mall used cupcake kiosk design? Unique kiosk newly shared Modern & Attractive Cupcake kiosk design concept ideas for mall & business park.  This is quite a high-level cupcake display solution, The full kiosk combines marble stone & modern textures, as well as designed features.

The origin of customer design

The customer contacted us on our website and really liked one of our designs. He told us his business plan and requirements for the kiosk, and we also want to help him complete this perfect project. Our professional design team made a new design according to the style and products the customer likes. The customer trusts us a lot. During the design period, we can make some modifications and added the lightbox paintings. All of our modifications are based on the customer’s requirements to ensure that our design can meet the customer’s requirements. After the customer confirms the final design, and we arrange the production.

Here below are 3 different views of this cupcake kiosk.

The color of this kiosk is mainly white and pink, which looks very modern and fashionable. And combine the elements of cake in the design. As the customer’s products are cakes and desserts. Multiple display refrigerators are needed. So we left enough space on the kiosk according to the size of the display freezer provided by the customer. The client also worries about not being able to see the whole effect of the kiosk first. Our design team makes 3D renderings, which allows us to add all the equipment into the design and check the details from different views.

A unique light box painting and the high sign can attract the attention of customers. For example, this kiosk light box painting is made into a product price list. So that customers can directly see the products and prices, and it is convenient to buy. And install light strips inside to both beautify and highlight your kiosk features. Do you like this design? We can also customize it for you.

Inside the cupcake, a display showcase is the most important part. This kiosk design used a vertical square display showcase to give a cubic stereo perception for customers.  And the design features on the sidewall soon attract customer eye contact.  The white marble with stone texture gives custom a more natural feeling and enhances the buying intensity.

About us

We are a professional cupcake kiosk manufacturer. We have over 14 years of manufacturing experience and have accumulated manufacturing experience. And also have our own factory that can offer you a good price. For design, we have an excellent design department to make a new design for you. Our designer has many different design ideas for build the kiosk design. To make your kiosk more unique and stylish.

For the production, our workers are completely in accordance with the 3D design and construction drawings to make sure the goods are the same as the design you see. And we have a professional quality control system and management system, which can strictly control the material and production process, to ensure the high quality of products.

The unique kiosk is a professional cupcake kiosk builder & manufacturer. If you need a customized cupcake kiosk or retail food kiosk for your business. Welcome to contact us. We can offer you a high-quality kiosk at an affordable cost. What’s more, shipping & installation services are 7/24 hours supported.

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