Have you ever thinking of opening a cupcake kiosk in mall ?  May be you have already running a cupcake food kiosk in mall for many years, but i m sure you never see such a unique cupcake contact. This is a Round mini cupcake kiosk design ideas with small seating bar integrated inside  . Check here different angles of kiosk views.  with front curved display showcase you can display a lot of different cupcakes. However small serving bar counter on the right will guide your more customer & level up the consume experience.

Front view of the kiosk where you can see different trays with different cupcakes.  the whole texture will give customer a totally special experience. If you products are nice, you will soon win the customer.

Unique kiosk is professional mall kiosk designer, supplier & manufacturer, No matter what kind of kiosk you are looking for . What material you want to use. We can carry out it for you . Check our website find more favorite design & service, If you want to start a design service, you can visit >>> kiosk design shop 

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