Customized Cake Kiosk In Mall Food Showcase With Factory Price

Nowadays more and more people start food business. Dessert is one of the popular food business, especially cake. Most people like to eat cake. So now there are many cake shops. Do you have the intention to start a cake business? You need to know something important about starting cake business if you want. The following is some key points for your reference.

Something Important About Starting Cake Business

  1. Confirm the location, size, shape and more information about cake kiosk
  2. Please tell us at will, we will make a design according your demands
  3. The design deposit is 300USD.( It will return to you, when order cake kiosk. It is actually free.)
  4. You need to wait 3-5 working days after paying design deposit. Then you will obtain a 3D model
  5. If you want to add some new ideas on the cake kiosk, please tell us at will
  6. You will get construction drawing after confirming final 3D design
  7. Production will start after confirming all design detail. It will take about 22-25 working days to produce
  8. You will receive some pictures of the cake kiosk during the production. You can check it everything is good

These are very important points you need to know before starting cake business. Today I will share a customized cake kiosk with you. I hope it can help for you.

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The Cake Kiosk Introduction

From the pictures, we can see the cake kiosk shape is very similar to diving cabin. It has a hollow oval shape on all sides. How distinctive it is! And the color of cake kiosk is white and grey. On the whole, the cake kiosk is very stylish and good-looking. Itsn’t it?  There is a big glass layered display on one side of the cake kiosk. It can display different cakes. The cake kiosk also has a refrigerator and a hot-dog machine. Therefore, besides providing cakes, the cake kiosk can also offer beverages and hot-dog for customers. In additon, there are some machines, a sink and a checkout counter on the table. They are very helpful for work. There is a logo on the outside of the counter. And there are two round 3D logoes hung on the left and right sides of the top. It is very obvious and attractive.

If you have any question on cake kiosk or starting cake business, please tell us for free. We are here all the time. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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