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Are you looking for mall used mobile phone accessories kiosk for sale? Unique Kiosk is a leading mall used mobile phone accessories kiosk manufacturer in China. We provide high-quality phone kiosk for sale.

We all know that there are many styles of mobile phones, and there are countless mobile phone cases. The phone case can protect our phone well, and it can also make our phone look more beautiful. When we go to the mall, we can always see many kiosks or shops selling mobile phone accessories. They are very attractive to customers. Moreover, the flow of people in shopping malls is very large. If our products are displayed in shopping malls, the exposure rate is very high. The cell phone accessory cabinet that I want to introduce to you today was ordered by our customers from Canada. Its style and display are very novel and beautiful. We can clearly see from the design drawing that it is displayed on both sides. Both the inside and outside can be used to display our products. This gives us a lot of storage capacity.

Size: 10x15ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic

Light: LED light strip

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Hardware: Lock

Mobile Phone Accessories Kiosk Description

We can see that this cellphone accessories kiosk have two display cabinet. One is inclined to display, the other is Slatwall display. The inclined display can display our mobile phone case, We will install a transparent acrylic baffle for the inclined surface display, so we don’t have to worry about our products slipping off. The Slatwall display can be used to display our data cable or earphones. In addition to the display cabinet, we also have a workbench and high pillar display. This workbench can be used to repair mobile phones or cashiers. Our display cabinets all have drawers, so they can not only display, but also store our inventory. Our kiosk design drawing is very clear, we can see our kiosk from every direction, which is very helpful for us to confirm the details. In addition to the display, the logo is also very important. Because the most important thing for us to sell products is to develop our brand. With a logo, it will look more professional. It will be easier when customers want to find us. So we can put our logo on the cabinet or tall sign.

Kiosk Material

The main material of our kiosk is medium density fiberboard, which is one of the very common materials for a kiosk in shopping malls. The surface treatment is baking varnish. The baking varnish is divided into matte and bright. Generally, mobile phones are expensive to choose bright baking varnish. It has many colors, and we can choose any color we like. The color rendering of the baking varnish is very good. After we spray the paint, it needs to be baked at a high temperature. So our kiosk is very safe. Our skirting board is made of stainless steel, and the logo is acrylic. We will install a lock on every cabinet or glass of the display cabinet, which can protect our property. We will also install Canadian standard sockets on the workbench, which can charge mobile phones and run our machines. Regarding voltage, because the voltage in our country is different. We will install the transformer on the kiosk. When you receive the goods, it can be used normally.

Below is a detailed picture of our kiosk.

How to install this mobile phone accessories kiosk?

We can see that our kiosk is composed of many small display cabinets. Our packaging is also packaged separately. When you receive the goods, you can put them together according to the position on the design drawing. Then connect the plugs under them. The last main wire is in the cabinet of the workbench, we can connect the main wire to the power supply of the mall, and it can work normally. If you still don’t understand, we will take you a video when the production is completed.

Unique Display

We are a custom-made company, and we have been kiosk in shopping malls for more than ten years. If you want to customize a kiosk that belongs to your mobile phone, you can contact us and tell us all your requirements. Our designers will help us complete the entire design work. Including 3D design and construction drawings. After completing the design, you can send it to the mall for review. After the approval, we can start production. We can help you transport the goods to your country’s port, we provide a full set of services, you can get the kiosk you want here.

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