Today share a nice cell phone kiosk in mall .With cell phone repair kiosk and cell phone accessory kiosk for sale.

This is a very nice kiosk design finished by an Australian company. But we can learn from this kiosk concept ideas and get into what the best kiosk we want.

There are several nice feature for this kiosk design.

Firstly ,the material used is metal wire and metal mash . this is a quite new try. And it turns out a very good success.

secondly ,the brave use of yellow color and the right color combination. Yellow color is alway a dangerous color in most types of design.However ,the yellow color on this cell phone repair kiosk are so nice and bright, very attractive.

Thirdly. the unique display method. Solid wood timber and metal are natural and unique combination. with the special glass display showcase and led light on top .the whole kiosk look cool and charming.

This is multi function kiosk . You can use this kiosk either for cell phone repair business or cell phone accessory retail. Or you can use as a cell phone kiosk experience stall. no matter what business are you involved in .This cell phone kiosk design has a lot of features to learn from.

The metal mesh is the most unique part of the kiosk .

The Logo display method and pylon are also a unique and fresh display feature. The yellow logo works so well on the solid wood. And display showcase with slat wall shelf allow you have as much cell phone products display as possible .

Finally , if you want to build a similar kiosk with this concept. Pls contact unique kiosk .we are professional mall kiosk manufacturer. We can Customize all type of phone display kiosk and cell phone shop.

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