This is a nice blue mobile phone repair kiosk, mainly built for the brand Fixmytel. It is a multifunctional kiosk that integrates several functions. It can sell mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, and mobile phone repairs. Unique Pavilion is China’s leading manufacturer of mobile phone fixation.
We provide unique mobile phone repair kiosk design and affordable price. Because our headquarter is in China, we have great advantages in cost control. We can build a beautiful, high-quality mobile phone repair kiosk at a very affordable price. Next I want to introduce this mobile kiosk to everyone.

Phone Accessories Kiosk

The phone kiosk is made into MDF, the surface of the kiosk we use the baking paint. we all know that the MDF is easy to shape and is suitable for the phone kiosk. We can see that the kiosk include the glass showcase, logo, light box, and the light strip. These are accessories and make the kiosk more bright and the unique.

Kiosk Layout

The kiosk include different type display showcase. We take the entrance as the standard. Besides door, the side has glass display and the aluminium-plastic panel display. For each glass showcase, it has logo and light box on it. The aluminium plastic panel display need add the hooks, then you can display the phone accessories.

You can see there are 2 corner light boxes, The corner light box is made into Acrylic, and these are beautiful and attractive. The width side put the repaired desk , the other side put the led  TV, people can see the clearly.


Production Process

The whole production process include the wooden cabinet, polish, the baking paint and the installation.

Our first step is to produce the wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet is an essential step to build the kiosk. You can see the essential appearance. We produce the wooden cabinet according to the construction strictly. During producing the wooden cabinet, we will install the electric line and reserve the sockets. After producing the wooden cabinet, we will polish it. Polish will make the wooden cabinet more smooth, and easy to do the baking paint.

The Next step is to do the baking paint. Baking paint divide into 2 steps, one is for the 4 primers. After primers, we will do the baking paint at twice.

Finally, We need install the phone accessories like the logo, light box, light strip and so on.


Size: 10x15feet

Material: MDF

Surface treating: baking paint

Color: blue and white

Accessories: stainless steel baseboard, aluminium-plastic panel, light box painting, light strip, 8mm tempered glass.


Some Question from Customer

When will we receive the kiosk?

The time include the design time, production time, and shipping time.

Design time: it will take about 3-5 working days. In general, we suggest customer reserve more time to finish the design time. We all know that we need take time to wait the results from mall.

Production time: Production time will take about 22-25 working days.

Shipping time: The shipping time depends on your country and which port is near to you. For instance, if you located on the New York City, it will take about 30 days.

Is it easy to install the kiosk?

Sure, it is not difficult for you. When we produce it, we will divide it into several parts and produce according to the construction drawing. When you receive the kiosk, you just put these together according to the construction drawings. Then connect the electric wire, the kiosk can work successfully.

Can we have own style kiosk?

yes, we are custom manufacturer and can customize the phone repaired kiosk for you. You can tell me what size the mall offered you, and what style or layout you want. We will display all of your requirements on the 3d design. You can see the whole effect. After you confirmed the design, we will produce it.



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