Very good and popular mobile phone repair kiosk designed for commercial ideas in shopping malls.
Are you looking for mall kiosk to start your business?
Mobile phone repair kiosks will be a good business start. Nowadays, almost everyone will own a smart phone or mobile phone. When a cell phone malfunctions, a nearby cell phone repair will be helpful. You should know that mobile phones are very popular now. Therefore, the mobile phone repair kiosk in the mall is definitely a good business for many people who are just starting a business.

How to start a business?

The first step is to get a unique mobile phone repair kiosk design. Mobile phone repair kiosks are not like retail kiosks in shopping malls. A professional mobile phone repair design must come from an experienced mobile phone kiosk manufacturer.

Mobile Phone Kiosk

Today I will share with you a very good mobile phone repair kiosk design, aiming at the business idea of shopping mall kiosk. You have seen this concept in shopping malls or elsewhere. We built several kiosks based on this concept, which are very popular in major shopping malls.


The phone repair kiosk is made into MDF, the surface we use the baking paint. You can see the kiosk include the 2 cashier tables. Each front of the cashier table has the led TV, and can make the people know the brand clearly. For other two sides,  there are some glass display showcase, can display the phone accessories to customer clearly. You can see the kiosk, the counter top we add the glass board and can take this as a repair table.

For the corner top, we will add the light box to show people what we should do and sell.

2.Detailed Description

  1. item name : phone accessories display counter | repair kiosk
  2. size :4m by 2m
  3. basic material : MDF
  4. surface finish : glossy baking paint
  5. glass : 8mm thickness tempered glass
  6. color : white and red
  7. logo :hollow acrylic logo
  8. feature : high end , functional and beautiful
  9. application : shopping center
  10. design time : 2-4 working days
  11. production time : 20-23 working days after payment
  12. shipping : about 30 days , depends on which port .

3.Production Process

Wooden cabinet: we need to do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings absolutely. When we do the wooden cabinet, we will reserve socket places and the electric wire.

Polish: polish will make the wooden surface more smooth. Then you can see the wonderful finished product.

Baking paint: there are two step during the process. One is doing the 4 primers, another one is baking paint. Before baking paint, we will sent the Panton Card to you. You can choose one that you interested. When we do the baking paint, we will do the red baking paint firstly. Then do the white baking paint.

Installation: We will install the logo, light strip, light box, sockets for the phone repaired kiosk.

How to pack?

the package include the interior package and the outside package. The interior package we use the EPE foam to pack the each corner and edge of the kiosk. Then we will use the film to pack it. Outside package we use the MDF to build the wooden box. When we put the interior pack into the wooden box, we will put some foam board into the wooden box. It can prevent the kiosk from damage.

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