Fashion retail product display stall cell phone accessories kiosk

The cell phone business is a hot sale business because everyone needs to use the phone. If you use a cell phone, you also need the accessories. If you want to start this kind of business, you can just make a display stand to display your products.

This is a fashion retail product display stall cell phone accessories kiosk. You can check this design for reference. And it can help you to start your own business easily.



This is a small display stall for the cell phone accessories products. The counter is for you to display the products and in the middle is a small cashier desk. And the back side has a pillar with a logo and a small display area. You can send us your logo then we can add it t the cell phone accessories kiosk design.

For the material of this cell phone accessories kiosk, we can use MDF with baking paint. On the 3d design, we can add the led strip light. Meanwhile, the display area for the kiosk we can make it according to your product. You can let us know the products you will sell and we will send the idea to you.


Inside the cell phone accessories kiosk, we will make the storage area for you. So that you can put some storage as you need. The kiosk flooring we can also provide it to you if you need it. And if the shopping mall needs any requirement for the material, please let us know, and we will do it according to their need.

Anyway, the first step to start this project is to make a customized 3d design, So if you want to start such a business, please contact us email sales20@uniquekiosk.com to discuss more details.

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