“Have you ever done nail art?” If you interview female friends on the street, 80% of the answers are yes. In today’s society, nail art is an increasingly popular project. Because it not only makes our nails look good, but also a fingertip art. If you want to open a nail shop, you need to receive relevant training first, only good technology and aesthetics can be recognized by customers. You can also hire a senior manicurist to help you design unique nail art for your clients. A beautiful nail shop decoration can attracts people and you should also choose a high quality products to serve customers. Here is a elegant manicure shop for your reference.

Introduction about manicure and pedicure shop furniture

A manicure and pedicure shop includes nail table, pedicure table, nail polish cabinet, reception counter, waiting area, posters, brand logo, etc. As we can see in the picture, when enter into the nail shop, there is a reception counter near the door, clients can consult here and pay for the service you prefer. In the one side, there are manicure tables with led light. There are wall shelves on the column to put nail polish, people can purcahse easily. On the other side are pedicure chairs. While you can put up posters or light box painting here for decoration. On the back wall is set a counter with locked drawers. There is a bathroom on the inside room for convenient use. Do you like this manicure and pedicure shop furniture?

manicure and pedicure shop

More information

The nail salon shop furniture should match your shop size. As for a nail salon shop, you can decoration follow on your own ideas. Only in this way can you leave impression on customers and catch them. If you have a layout, you can feel free to share with us, our designer will help you make a unique shop design. Thank you

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