More and more people likes to open a beauty salon shop recently. With the fast development of fashion, many femal customers wants to become charing by nail art and go to the beauty salon shop. Opening a beauty salon shop in the local area can help you make money. However, you need to have good beauty and nail technology. Or hire high-trained staff to help you provide professional services. Only professional service and unique decoration style can make your shop stand out. Here is a customized nail bar shop share with you. Hope you can get a good idea from it.

What service do you provide?

When making a business plan, you should first know what product or service do you sell? Because the shop furniture and decoration should match your brand and business. If it’s your first business, we recommend to provide one or two serices, like manicure and pedicure. You only need to rent a small shop, which is easy to start and save cost. In other words, if you don’t worry about the cost and has a big store, you can decoration the shop like this way. As we can see in the design drawing, it is good for nail service, pedicure service and beauty services. When set a wine cabinet in the back wall, you can increase the sales. The color is violet and grey, which high levels your shop. Do you like the decoration of nail salon shop?

3D design picture show


How to build the furniture for your shop?

First, rent a shop and confirm the size first. Then let our designer know your ideas about the shop decoration, including color, style, etc. It’s better to send us a floor plan, so that we can show the layout clearly in the 3D design. When the design finish, you need to check it carefully. If you need changes, we will help you modify in time. The design drawing need 500-1000 usd design deposit. (It depends on the shop size). If you want to view more new designs, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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