The hairstyle has a great influence on our appearance. Many people are very concerned about whether their hairstyles look good. Most people take care of their hair when they go out. Many people also choose to go to the barbershop for care. Therefore, the barbershop business is very popular. In addition to having a haircut in the barbershop, we have another place to choose from, which is the beauty hairdressing kiosk in the mall.

Shopping Mall Kiosk

There is a lot of business in the mall. We can see people in all kinds of businesses, and we can also buy most of the things we want. If we want to start our business in a mall, we must first apply for a position. The mall will give us the size, and we need to design our kiosk according to the mall location. We have to submit the kiosk design and the construction drawings for the mall review.

Beauty hairdressing kiosk

My client got a position in the mall. He is in the hairdressing business. The size he got in the mall is 6x3m. This position is relatively large, and our working seat can be designed a little more. We all know that mirrors and counters are essential for the hairdressing business. Since the hairdressing business is relatively popular, we can design a waiting area for customers to wait and rest. Generally, we do business with some products, which we can use for customers or for sale. Therefore, we can also design a display area. The cash register is also one of the most important cabinets. Our customers can learn about our services and check them out here. The following beauty hairdressing kiosk is designed according to the requirements of our customers.

Basic Info.

Size: 6x3m
Material: High-density MDF with glossy baking paint finish
Color: Black, grey (can be customized)
Content:  4 working area, waiting area, cash counter, glass display, lightbox, luminous logo
Design time: 2-4 working days
Production time: 22-28 working days after payment
Shipping: By sea, depends on which port
Package: Inside foam and outside wooden cases.

Beauty Hairdressing Kiosk Design

The style of this beauty hairdressing kiosk is very novel, and its space arrangement is also very reasonable. For a hairdressing kiosk, black is very suitable. We can clearly see its display effect from the above design drawing. In addition to the necessary furniture and displays, we can also see its decoration—Lightbox, and logo. They play a very important role in our kiosk. We can put posters of our business on lightbox paintings. We all know that there are many and beautiful haircut posters. This can attract a lot of customers.

Opposite our work area is the waiting area, and on both sides of the waiting area is the entrance. It will not form a closed space. Our customers will prefer this design.

Is it difficult to assemble?

Our kiosk assemble is very easy. You can see the waiting area is a separate cabinet. It doesn’t need to assemble. We can just put the other cabinet together according to their design position. Then connect the male and female plugs between them. We have a main wire in the cash counter cabinet, it needs to connect to the mall power supply. Open the main switch, it can work. I think we can do it by ourselves.

Can you customize the kiosk according to my idea?

Yes. We are a custom company if you want to design your kiosk, you can tell me all your requirements. Tell me what size you need and send me your favorite kiosk-style. We can start design. The design fee is 300USD. When we place an order, it will be returned to you.

What is the beauty hairdressing kiosk price?

Our kiosk price is based on kiosk size, material, and style. This kiosk size is 6x3m, made of MDF and baking paint. The price is about 7500USD. If you change the size, shape, or material, the price will be different.


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