Hairstyling station is easily found everywhere in the world. With the progress of society, people pay more and more attention to their own image. Everyone wants to make a good impression and show their unique personality. For men, haircuts are required almost every month. For women, hair styling, maintenance and care are their most concerning issues. If you have superb technology and trendy vision, then I believe you can get praise from customers and make money. If you have no idea about hairstyling station decoration, please don’t miss this unique haircutting kiosk-style.

Information about hairstyling station

This hairstyling station has a white colour in all the working counter and wall. In the front side, we can see there is a large reception counter here. When people enter the store, you can serve customers for the first time. Near the entrance is a 3-layer glass display showcase. You can place hot sale products here. Such as hairdryer, hair straighteners, curling irons, shampoos, etc. When people see it, they can buy directly, which can help you improve sales performance. Do you think so?

hair cutting kiosk

There is 4 working counter inside the hair styling station. Mirrors with light upon the counter table and locked drawers on the bottom for storage. Between two hair styling counter is a glass cabinet. You can also put attractive products for sale and items for convenient use. On the back wall is a glass display stand, a good place to display long wigs, customers can choose what they like. Outside the wall is an arch made up of white light strips, which helps you decorate the barbershop and make your barbershop unique. You can also put a brand logo, posters, TV player to advertising and let people know you better. What do you think?

hair dressing station

Materials to build the kiosk

We use MDF to build the body of hair styling station. As we can see in the picture, the kiosk wall is very shiny and reflect things directly. Baking paint is the most popular surface material for beauty salon furniture. Tempered glass the third material to build the kiosk. As it not only showcase the items in a good way but also protect goods from stolen. Every display showcase in this hair styling station has locked doors, so you can lock it well at night. Please don’t forget the stainless steel baseboard, it can better protect your shopping mall information kiosk from harm. Sliding plays an important role in the locked drawer. The LED light bar can brighten the store and make the items look better. In addition, the 3D acrylic hollow brand logo is a great idea to display the company symbol.

hair kiosk

How to get the hair styling station

Before starting a hair styling station, you should first make a business plan and find a location in the mall. Secondly, signed off with the mall manager and get a store size. Thirdly, find a designer to create a kiosk design according to the measurements. You should add your own thoughts to the kiosk design, so you can get a unique hairstyling kiosk in need. Fourthly, check the design drawing and confirm it is the right one you want. Finally, use detailed information to make construction drawings. All design work requires 300usd-600usd, depending on the size of your store. Usually, the mall owner wants to review the kiosk design to plan sure everything is following the rules.

Most people want to find a unique and attractive mall kiosk. Because they want it a good match to their brand and leave a deep impression on customers. That’s why we help them build customized kiosks. And it’s very necessary to make a 3D design before production. Not every idea is good for the new kiosk. Simply display all the ideas on the blueprint and you will know whether it is convenient or logical to use. If you need it better, you can easily change the design without making changes in production. In addition, after completing the design drawings, communication becomes easier and you can see the real effect of the barbershop. This can help you save time and effort to explain what you want.

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