The haircut is one of the most popular businesses at this stage. We recently received an inquiry about barber stations, as they fit for nearly every beauty salon shop and even a small location. The owner needs small start money and gets high payback. Today, I want to share a nice barber station design with you. It is good to place in the store, mall center, beauty center and even in street. Let’s see how it attracts people so much.

Description of the barber station

Barber station with a double-side mirror looks beautiful in real life. The dark gray color mirror station is modern, chic, and powerful. A full-length mirror station is suitable for use in the middle of the shop. It is equipped with center mirrors with two adjustable light strips, which can create a perfect atmosphere for customers. It has hidden wires and matches sockets according to unique ideas.

The sliding drawers on both sides can be used to store more items and make people shine. It also has a lot of storage space for this beautiful styling station, including 4 drawer lockers (right) and 3 drawers with full extension slides (left). And there is a large drawer with metal holes on each side, which is used to store hairdryers, hair clippers, and other hairdressing tools. While protecting the mirror from damage. If you are looking for a styling station that can be used for a lifetime and make a lasting impression, then opal is your ideal choice!


  • Material: MDF with matte dark gray baking paint
  • Double-sided whole body dimmable lighting mirror
  • The power cord is connected from the top of the mirror cabinet (you can also connect from the side or bottom according to your idea)
  • The panel in the middle of the showcase is used to temporarily place items
  • Storage drawer and tool drawer with full extension slide
  • Size: Width 800mm, Depth 800mm, Height 1800mm
  • Mirror size: 620mm W x 1450mm H
  • Guarantee: 3-year warranty, 1-year manufacturing defect warranty

Design picture show

The 3D design shows how the mirror station looks like and what material to use. And you don’t have to imagine what kind of mirror station finally get. The 3D design brings us much convenience, please pay more attention to it.

barber shelf

Mirror station

For customized display cabinets, every design is special for us. Because it is a presentation of the consensus reached between our designers and customers. I am grateful and honored to be able to help clients start a business.

The birth of the barber station

Our customer-first send us an ideal picture and told us that she wants a mirror station same as the picture but no base. We agreed to help her make a 3D design for her. Two days later, we sent the first drawing for confirmation. Like most of our customers, she gave us feedback on the revised design. Because she also wanted a more perfect mirror station and added wheels to facilitate movement. A week later, she confirmed the design for production. We have shipped the barber station to our customers. Do you want to view how it looks like in real life? Let’s continue to read.

Real pictures show

Regardless of whether the light in your room is bright or not, our mirror display cabinet can provide you with a good working environment, because the mirror light has 3 different brightness levels. Even standing quietly, he can enhance the image of the shop. The matte silver gray looks very high-end and conspicuous.

hair salon furniture

The real effort with the light on. When the mirror station finishes, our customer likes it very much. She told us many times to reserve the design for future orders. High quality and good service always help us win the respect of customers also let our business go further.

hair tool kiosk

hair cut shelf barber station

Production steps:

The first step, build the wood body and make drawers. This step needs about 5-7 working days. Because we make the kiosk twice to make it stronger to use. We don’t care about cost, just make sure to give you high-quality products. The second step, paint the mirror station to the correct color. We will send the color code for you to choose an ideal color. And even paint a sample for your confirmation. In this case, you can get the correct mirror station in the right color. Finally assembly of the mirror, light, and drawers. The mirror station can also test and clean up in our factory. All the process steps should take pictures and even videos to show you, you can know how it looks like in every step and views how to finish it. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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