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The beauty salon industry is very attractive for many. Because everyone wants a unique shape and attractive appearance. With the acceleration of people’s life, people’s requirements for hairstyles are getting higher and higher. They even like to have a different shape every day to show their unique personality. Hairdryers and hair straighteners can help them realize their wishes. It can be done even at home alone. If you are ready to start a hair straightener business, I believe you can succeed. For people who are just starting a business, it is a wise choice to open a display cabinet with a hairdryer in the mall. Because it is convenient to control costs and can help you get customers as quickly as possible.

Why consumers buy hairdryer from you

As we all know, shopping malls have many different brands of products for you to choose from, and you can only choose a limited number of products in the store. Even you need to travel a long way to buy all the things you need. Since shopping malls have requirements for merchants who settle in, entrepreneurs must meet the requirements of shopping malls to start a business. When customers shop in a mall, they sometimes buy items that they seem to like at first glance.

So they are likely to buy a hair dryer and hair straightener when going shopping. What you should do is to rent a good location and purchase an attractive hairdryer kiosk.

Today, I want to share a customized hair dryer kiosk with you. It looks very elegant and useful to use. You can use it not only to showcase the items, but also let consumers experience the real effort. Which can help you increase sales performance and win the favour of customers. Now let’s view more details together.

hair salon furniture glass kiosk hair dryer showcase barber kiosk design

Customized hairdryer kiosk in the mall

As we can see in the picture, it covers an area of 3m by 3m. The working is and display showcase has a white colour. White is the most eye-catching colour, it can make your display case stand out and attract people’s attention. White counters give a sense of sacredness, flawlessness and elegance. It’s a good way to highlight your store and product. In addition, when it reflects the light to the maximum, it makes your hairdryer display case look shinier. There is two small display counter on the front side, while two high glass cabinet on the backside. In the centre are 4 working area with a mirror, people sit down here to experience good service. Between every two chairs is a large glass display showcase to place items for convenient use. Besides, you can put hot selling products here for attracting consumers.

  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: Baking paint
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, acrylic logo, hardware, light strip, etc.
  • Function: Display showcase, provide service and promote the brand
  • Design fee: 300USD-500USD, which depends on the size of your location
  • Design time: 3 business days after confirming design details
  • Production time: 20-25 working days after confirming the order

How to order a unique hair dryer kiosk?

First, choose a favourite style for your hairdryer kiosk. You should know what size, colour, the layout is good to show your brand. Second, make a 3D design to show all your requirements. It’s better to find a professional designer who is good at kiosk design. So you can see what’s your own kiosk looks like. Third, Check the design carefully and confirm it as the final design. Fourth, check the price of the whole store and confirm the order. Fifthly, create construction drawing. Because all the details will show clearly in the drawing, including material, manufacture, electronics, etc. Finally, check and construction drawing and build the hairdryer kiosk.

If you want to add your own thoughts to the kiosk, please send us an inquiry. Our professional design team will help you add them to the new kiosk design drawing. In this case, you can receive your own mall kiosk. If you want to view more new designs, we are glad to share them with you. Looking to cooperate with you soon. Thank you.

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