Are you going to open a barber shop? If you have to do all the work in barber shop, It is a good idea opening a hairdressing kiosk in the mall center. Because opening a store in a mall does not require a large space, it can save you costs and serve customers more quickly. Now I want to introduce a unique hairdressing kiosk to you, I hope it will help you.

3 chairs hairdressing kiosk for sale

  • Size: 4m*3m
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plywood
  • Surface: Laminate
  • Other materials: Frosted glass plate, stanless steel kicking, acrylic logo, posters, tempered glass showcase

This hairdressing kiosk has 3 working area. There are locked drawers on the bottom for storage. Checkout counter along with glass display showcase in the entrance, people can pay bills directly. It also has menu, brand logo and waiting sofa for convenient use.

hairdressing kiosk hair station

How to run a good barber booth?

First of all, the location of a new hair salon is very important. For high-end shopping malls, customers can afford high consumption and you can get profits. At the same time this also means that you need to pay more rent. So you need to consider your budget and rent a suitable location in the mall.

Secondly, we must have excellent technology and strive to provide good service to satisfy customers. Everyone has the love of beauty, and the hairstyle determines the image of the customer. Because if and recognize your service and skill, she will often patronize your store. And introduce a friend to you

The third point is to customize attractive display cabinets and create a clean and comfortable atmosphere. You can also reserve a locker for storing customers’ glasses, bags and other items. The sofa in the rest area allows companions to rest, and customers can also sit and wait for hair styling service.

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