Fashion style hairdressing kiosk shopping mall barber kiosk design

The functions of hair are now of primary importance for humans. I think hair is the most important part of style. Clean-cut and smart haircuts are stylish at the moment. No Apart from the money involved in hair cutting, shaving, trimming, etc., a fortune is spent just on hair products. 

So if you want to start a hair salon business, you can sell some hair products while offering the hair cutting service. This is a fashion style hairdressing shopping mall barber kiosk design we want to share with you.



This is a hairdressing kiosk with a size 5x3m. It has 3 mirror stations and in the middle of them has the display shelf on the wall and a small cabinet to put the tools. On the end of the left side has a water sink cabinet. It has a small cashier counter area. And a sofa seating area for the customer to wait and sit. Near the waiting area has a small coffee cabinet that can offer coffee to the customer.

The surface finish of the barber kiosk has lighted logo and lighted box for the menu or poster. The material we can use MDF with baking paint or plywood with laminate both are good.



After we finish the baking paint, we will start the installation for the hairdressing kiosk. A whole barber kiosk we will divide it into a few parts and we will install everything in our factory. When you receive the kiosk, just need to put them together and connect the male and female connectors.

The construction drawing has the layout of the hairdressing kiosk. You can check and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team.

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