Modern style hair dryer display stand beauty salon tools mall kiosk 

Hairstyle is very important to a people’s image. People always go to the hair salon to do it. But some people buy beauty hair salon tools to do it themselves in their homes. You can buy beauty hair salon tools in the beauty salon shop or go to a place that specializes in these products.

This is a modern style hair dryer display stand beauty salon tools mall kiosk design. If you want to start a business to sell beauty salon tools, you can check this design for reference.



The size of this beauty salon tools kiosk is 630 x 180 x 250 cm. It is mainly for displaying hair dryers, hair straighteners and hair curlers, or other beauty hair tools. In the middle of the kiosk has a mirror station, this area can for the customer to experience the products.

On the top of the kiosk, we make it with a big lighted acrylic logo so that the customer can know your brand name and find you easily. The products are all displayed on the countertop for the customer to touch and see how they are. For the detailed dimensions of this hair salon tools kiosk, please check the below picture.



Basic material: The basic material of this hair salon stools kiosk will use MDF as the basic material. It is a kind of wooden material used for many kinds of mall kiosks.

Surface finish: The surface finish of this hair salon kiosk will use baking paint. We will make 5 times the base coat and 2 times the surface cost. The finish is glossy and smooth. Very perfect and beautiful finish.

Other include: 3D acrylic logo, tempered glass, lighted box, stainless steel toe kick and so on.

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