Double Side Mirror Station Barber Shop Stand to Papua New Guinea

Double side mirror stations are widely used in barber salons. Whether you have a big shop or a small shop, it can provide you with the perfect decoration. Because it can help you save space and also allow more clients to enjoy service at the same time. Today, I want to share a nice mirror station with you. Hope you will like it.

The function of the double-sided mirror station

Barbershops generally have a distance between the seats and the mirror, which can make people look more beautiful and improve the overall image and satisfaction. The mirror in the barbershop is a beauty mirror, mostly three-layer mercury mirrors, which reflect much more light than a mirror coated with mercury. The outline of the portrait will be more distinct, just like the sharpened photo, the color looks very bright and saturated. And most of the lights are soft, which can make the skin look even and bright. It’s very important to choose a professional mirror station.

Description of mirror station

As for the barbershop, what is most important is a working table. Customers can see how they make hairstylist directly. The hairstylist can put scissors, a hairdryer, etc. on the side. This is both beautiful and practical. The wires can also be hidden in the middle of the mirror so people cannot see from the outside. A white frame with a black base makes the mirror station looks different and elegant. Do you like this style?

From the design drawing, we can also see there are artificial plants on the top ceiling for decoration. Which makes the shop creative and brings us good spirits. This barbershop has a simple decoration idea, but high level the hair store. You can even put the brand logo on the back wall, so every people know you well.

3D design picture show

mirror station barber station double side mirror station

Material show:

We usually use MDF as the basic material to build the mirror station. And high glossy baking paint as the surface material, which is smooth and luxurious. Mirrors on the two sides have an adjustable LED light, you can choose suitable bright accordingly. Other materials include cabinets, outlets, metal buckets, etc.

  • Size: 800mm*300mm*2000mm
  • Color: Follow on special needs
  • Style: Modern and unique
  • Design time: 3-5 working days
  • Production time: 18-22 working days
  • Design fee: 500usd-1000usd, depends on shop size
  • Delivery time: 30 days depends on destination port

Barbershop decoration design style

When customers choose a hair salon for the first time, they can only judge the quality and price from the interior and exterior decoration. If it is too luxurious, it will make people feel that it is too exaggerated to waste money, if it is too simple, it seems that the technical strength and enterprise-strength are not enough. The decoration design of the barbershop should be able to create a warm, tidy, and comfortable range, and it is not suitable for blind comparison and laborious toss. Barbershops are different from ordinary shops. Barbershops are places to beautify people and spread beauty. They need unique decoration, but they must also conform to the actual operation of the shop and adapt to the local conditions.

The decoration design of the barbershop is very important to make the shop beautiful and moving by using colors, lights, and shapes. Brightness can give people pleasure and goodwill. Good lighting design is not free from decoration, but pre-built in decoration and integrated with the building.

The decoration design of the barbershop should make full use of the contrast and harmony of colors to achieve the artistic characteristics of strengthening the shape, enrich the effect of the shape, and create a more ideal visual charm. Barbershop decoration design elements mainly include color, lighting, music, background decoration, etc.

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