Popular barber station double side mirror station to the USA

Good morning everyone, glad to know you are going to start your own business in recent years. Hair station becomes popular recently because it suits different locations. Today I want to share a useful double side mirror station with you. Hope you will like it.

Details of mirror station

hair station This mirror station includes mirrors, light, hair tool drawers, sockets, etc. Matte silver gray is the main color, which looks very elegant and high-end. The double-sided mirror allows customers to enjoy hairstyling service together. Two sides are full of drawers for storage. This design idea depends on our customer’s requirements. At first, she sent us a picture for reference and told us that she wants to change the color and don’t need the base.

When knowing her requirements, we made a new 3D design model accordingly. A new design drawing need 3-5 days to finish. To help her get the design as quickly, we start soon and finish the next day for confirmation. The size is 600mm long, 600mm wide, and 1800mm high. A very common side for mirror station. Every drawing is follow on customer’s idea but our designer will let it more reasonable and beautiful.

How to get the popular mirror station?

Firstly, determine the information about the mirror station you want, including size, color, shape, etc.

Secondly, pay the design fee. For the mirror station 3d design, we will charge $300. This is to protect both of us and ensure that you can receive the design of the hair salon station you want.

Thirdly, make a 3D design. Our design team will customize the 3D design according to your requirements. We will paste your logo on it. We will try our best to meet all your requirements.

Fourthly, check and modify the design drawings. After you have received the first 3d design drawing, if you need any changes, we can make changes for you. No more fees will be charged for this service. If you like it, it will be put into production as the final design

Finally, make construction drawings and submit them to the landlord for review. If necessary, you can send the design to the landlord and the government for approval. Any feasibility opinions are allowed to be added to the mirror station

barber station

hair station

More information:

  • Product name: single double-sided mirror counter
  • Modeling: new modern design
  • Colors: white, gray, and blue. You can also change to any other color as needed
  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: matte spray paint or high gloss paint
  • Design fee: 300usd, it will be refunded during production
  • Production time: 15-18 working days, depending on the situation
  • Shipping time: We recommend that you set aside about 40 days for shipping. Different ports require different times. If you need it urgently, it is best to take it by plane.



1. Q: How to choose the right color?

A: We can send the code for you to choose and display the color in the 3D design. In this case, you can get accurate furniture color

2. Q: How to assemble?

A: The barber station will be made and installed in our factory, including the lamp, so you can receive it as a whole, open it and use it

3. Q: What should we do if the furniture exceeds the budget?

A: We are a customized kiosk factory that provides high-quality fixtures at a favorable price. You can tell us the budget first so that we can design the mirror counter according to your budget to save costs.

4. Q: When can I get this mirror station?

A: We recommend leaving at least 2 months before getting it. As designing needs about a week and production takes 18-20 business days. Shipping to the destination needs about 3o days.

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