Useful Hair Station in Sliver Color for Barber Shop Design

Hair station becomes popular in recent years. Many people choose single double side mirror statin to start a business. As it is easy to install and suits well in the shop center. Today, I want to share a useful hair station with you. We can use it in the shopping center, hair salon shop, and street shop.

Sliver double side hair station

hair station

There is a mirror on both sides, we can add light to the mirror. Two sides have cabinets and an open cabinet for shampoo. We also add outlets here for hairdryers and hair tools. The bottom is a base for stability and aesthetics considerations.

  • Item name: Barber station with double side mirror
  • Color: Drak sliver
  • Size: 600mm*600mm*1600mm
  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: Baking paint
  • Other materials: Mirror, light lamp, stainless steel, and slide rail
  • Function: Provide hair cutting services and restore items
  • Style: Modern and unique

barber stationHow to get to the barber station?

First, choose a favorite style of barber station to start. Our sales team will confirm details with you, include product size, material, color, and style. Then check the estimated cost to move forward. We can even make a new design to help you control costs.

Second, make a design according to the basic requirements. You can see the real looks with special needs. If you find somewhere not good enough, the designer will modify it better. Since you have a clear design, we can move to the next step.

Third, make a construction drawing. It shows the procedure of building a mirror station. We will also see the size, material details, electronic plan directly. It’s a very important step before production.

Finally, arrange the order for the workshop and make it. The production time needs about 18-20 days. So we can see how it looks like with light on and off.

barber station

Why barber stations become popular?

Many shop owners look for a cost-effective and beautiful salon station. As they hope to get a return in a short time, the barber station is a good choice. Here are 3 main reasons to choose it.

One, easy to install. The mirror station comes as a whole, the owner can put it in the correct place and use it directly.

Two, convenient to use. We can put the hairdressing tools in the drawer. Shampoo and other hair styling products are placed here and are easy to get.

Three, match store decoration well. The mirror station adopts a matte paint process, which can suit your shop decoration. And it can save space and improve work efficiency.

Four, serve more people. It allowed two clients to enjoy hair cutting service at one time. Which increases sales performance.

mirror station

Production description

Production time is what our customers concern about. As it is a customized mirror station, we have to produce it after confirming production details. It usually needs about 15-18 work days.

Our workers make the wood body first. They should cut up the wood panels into pieces, then consist of them with glue and nails. Second step is paint the mirror station into dark gray color. We should make the wood body smooth and paint at least 5 times to get the exact color. The final step is to connect wires and assembly drawers. From this step, we can see a finished mirror station.

Clean the mirror station and ship it out

We will clean the barber station and use PE foam to protect it. The outside package is a wood box. It usually shipping by sea to the final port. When you need DDU shipping, please send us your address in advance.

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