Barber Store Furniture Wood Mirror Station Hair Styling Shelf for Sale

Hairstyling station has many unique styles in the markets. It’s a good idea to choose a nice barber station and meet your hair shop decoration. Beautiful hair station with light mirror improves people’s first thinking of our beauty salon shop. People first saw this barber counter and received hair styling here.

Wood barber station introduction

Barber station is a good place to provide haircutting services. It has a close cabinet on both sides to place necessary items. Such as shampoo, hair tools, and other items. Hairdressing scissors, earmuffs, and other small things can be placed in a small drawer for easy storage. This barber station has a large mirror full size as the styling station. LED light surrounds the mirror to increase brilliant when doing hairstyling services. In the middle area is a clear glass display shelf, we can put the items we need here for easy access. It is a double sides barber station, which means stylists can provide service on both sides.

hair styling shelf styling station

hair stand decoration

Basic information about mirror station

Before buying this styling station, we should focus more on this information. It determines the quality, design style, and shop theme directly. Let’s view the details together.

Size: 800mm long, 400mm wide, and 1800mm high. It’s standard size, we can also customize it based on special requirements.

Color: Wood color, it is free for customers to other colors.

Material: It uses Plywood to make the haircutting station body. The surface material is solid wood, such as Walnut, willow, oak, etc. We can also use laminate to do the surface treatment, however, it has a lower sight effect than solid wood. Other materials include hardware, 8mm tempered glass (We recommend upgrading to 10mm for strong fixture).

hair store counter

The real effect when installed in the hair salon shop

A double-sided hair salon station is good to place in the middle of the hair shop. However, if your inquiry to attach to the wall, just make a mirror on one side and leave another side alone.

Here you can see how it looks like when installing in the beauty salon shop. We will make it as a whole and hide wires inside for lighting. So when you use it, just connect wires to the electronic box is ok.

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