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Are you looking for a hair styling station to earn money? Individual hair styling stations can work well for us to provide haircutting services. It is small in size and easy to move with bottom wheels. No matter where you want to start a business, a hair styling station is a good choice. Today, I want to share a nice hair salon station with you.

Customize barber station booth design

Barber station with double side working place plays a good role for hair cutting business. Because people can freely choose one of the two to receive hairdressing services. The top and 10 parts are convex 10mm outwards. This not only increases the stability but also gives the hair station a sense of design.

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As we can see in the picture, this mirror stage has an upper half mirror. And people can just sit down and observe the styling process and the final effect. Middle has a black color plate for place hair tools and items in use. Under the plate is an empty area with a black decoration frame. Guests can stretch their feet freely when receiving services without being restrained. This hair station has a standard size of 800mm x 500mm x 1600mm. Size can be customized.

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There are multiple drawers and shelves to place goods. It is also a good place to sort out things and storage them. Whenever customers enter the store, the clean and tidy hairdressing station makes a good impression and wins praise.

There is an open shelf with a total of 5 metal cups, they are prepared for heating hair dryers and curling irons. It protects the wood body well so that the station won’t be melt. A socket at the backboard mainly provides electronics for hair tools. We will choose the sockets and electronics that meet your country’s standards.



hair shop furnitureMaterial Details show

We use MDF to build the hair styling station, surface treatment is baking paint. It has three finish effects to choose from, high glossy, semi-matte, and matte glossy.

When you require different hair station effects, we recommend using plywood to make the station body. Surface material uses laminate. You can choose a color for this mirror station.

Usually, the owner requires a mirror to surround the hair station. It’s up to you to add a light lamp or not, but you should tell us before place an order.

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