Fancy Juice Bar Small Juice Shop Counter Design

Fruit juice milk tea is a very popular product item in summer. If you are starting this type of business for the first time, it is recommended that you start with a small shop, which can save some costs and make it very easy for you to succeed. This design is a very small juice bar shop for your reference.


Summer is a very hot and refreshing detail. After you have a store location, you need to combine the logo and store theme, think about the layout and decoration of your store, and add different colors to your juice bar.


For example, in this design, we have designed several different decoration styles for you to choose from. You can choose to install neon lights on the walls. Or you can fill the front wall with stickers and posters with different fruit patterns.

We have also designed two different counter styles for you to choose from, one is white and green and the other is wood color decoration. They are very close to nature, with both the vitality of spring and the vitality of summer. In order to match the overall design, you can also see two different menu styles from the design drawings, one is a poster that is directly pasted on the entire wall, and the other is a lightbox that hangs above the counter for convenience. Customers order food.

Layout Design

Different decorations will affect the layout of the interior space of the store. From the design drawing, you can also see two different layout styles we have drawn, but they are generally very similar. The advantage of designing is that you can turn your ideas into reality. Designers use 3D max software to build the whole model. Even the counter lightboxes and small ornaments can be simulated to let you see the effect of the design.

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