Nice Design Juice Store Furniture Retail Counter for Sale

Do you plan to open a juice shop recently? Juice shop decoration makes the shop looks better and high level the brand theme. No matter when you plan to open a juice shop, this juice shop may give you good ideas. Let’s view detailed information here.

Juice store

Decoration of juice shop

According to the owner’s idea, we mainly use wood and stone to build the seating area and service counter. That creates a fresh and harmonious feeling for clients. There are colorful decoration umbrellas hanging on the top ceiling. When you turn on the ceiling light, it has a quiet, warm store atmosphere. Green grass is attached to the wall as the brand sign’s background, and a light lamp surrounds it.

Juice store furniture

The juice shop furniture includes a bar counter, dining table, and chairs. Sometimes you can also add display cabinets and shelving to show more items.

juice counter

Bar counter

We can see there is a display counter set on the back side, it has a solid wood countertop. And the counter body has colorful tile decoration, very special and attractive. That highly matches the juice store decoration. Behind are storage cabinets, we can place more items here. Your machines like juice machine, refrigerator can set here. Because we reserve enough space to place them.

juice shop

Wall shelving

There is wall-mounted display shelving attached to the back wall. And we can also float shelving with green glants decoration. I am sure it will give people a good spirit.

The posters, menu, and even TV player can also attach here for advertising. No matter when you plan to start, just send the floor plan to us. We can arrange the fixture properly.

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