Modern Fresh Fruit Shop Counter Solid Wood Fruit Store Design

The fresh fruit shop is very popular because poeple view it as a healthy food. Everyone has special ideas to make the fruit shop look better. No matter which kind of shop theme you want, you can get good shop decoration in Unique Kiosk. Here is a high-end fresh fruit shop design sharing with you.

juice store furniture

Description of fruit shop design

The main tone of the fresh fruit shop is black and white. It’s a good idea to make a layout plan first. We can arrange the display counters, dining table, and chairs in a suitable location. If you want a good effect, making a 3D design is necessary. Because the color effect, surface material detail, and lighting decoration show directly to you. You can even make adjustments to purchase a good shop decoration.

juice cabinet

Service Counter design

The service counter includes a glass display showcase, a working table, storage cabinets, and a cashier area. We can even reserve enough space for machines, such as blener, shake, and refrigerator. For sure, you can sell bubble tea, coffee, and food to increase sales performance.

Materials plywood kiosk body, black stone lamination surface, and artificial stone counter table. We can add flooring light to attract eyes’ attention and can also add light under the counter to remind people of your business.

juice showcase

Lighting and ceiling decoration

Lighting is very important for a shop decoration. We can add modern and attractive lighting to get a better effect.

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