High End Juice Shop Counter Retail Food Store Design

The juice store furniture are good place to buy fresh juice and beverage. You can even sell other kind of food, such as bubble tea, coffee, bread and cakes, to gain more clients. Smaller juice shop are popular in the recent years, because it is easy to run and need less money. Most poeple begin with a small juice shop and extand business in the future. Here is an attractive juice shop design for you.

juice shop

Introduction of the juice shop

This juice shop is about 20 square meters, includes service counter, wall mounted cabinets and working counter. We can also attach business signage and menu on the wall, so clients can remember your business well.

juice display counter

Service countter

We can see there is white and black square decorate the surface. It looks very attractive. While the middle has a large business logo area. We can add lighting surround it to attracts eyes attention. The counter top has cashier register to checking bills.

While the back side has working counter with water sink. Your equipments can also set on the countertable for better usage. We will also install sockets on the juice counter for better usage.

juice counter

Wall shelving

The wall shelving and wall cabinets at the back side. You can place items here for conveneint use.  It can also increase the display area, so that clients can buy them before leaving, and you can increase sales. The middle area has light box painting, you can atttach menu and posters here to guide poeple order beverage. We can even make a 3D design first, you can see the real effect of whole juice shop in advance.

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