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The food and drink shop is popular among poeple. No matter how size is your food shop, it’s a good idea to arrange fixtures in a suitable location. If it’s your first business or you don’t want to invest much money in the project, consider beginning with a small shop. This food shop decoration may give you good ideas.

fruit store

Fruit shop layout

From the fruit shop layout, we can see there is a display stand in the middle area. That has multiple shelving on both sides to place fruit. The display counter stands against the wall, it can use to place products in storage drawers. Besides, you can place decoration items here on the top of the glass shelving.

juice store counter

Another wall set a floating bar counter with 2 chairs, consumers can sit down here and enjoy food. You can also provide takeaway services to improve customer reception rates. While the back side has display counters for work. There is enough space for a refrigerator and equipment. The water sink also inserts the counter table for better usage.

We can see there is a plate on the countertable that can prevent goods. The cashier register is set here for checking bills. And brand logo, menu, and posters for advertising.

juice shop furniture

Material information

The main material of the counter is plywood with laminate. Quartz stone countertop high light the shop theme and for better usage. Other materials includes stainless steel kicking, lighting decoration, and lightboxes. You can also use stickers to decorate the walls. And you can also use anything you like to make the fruit shop look better.

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