Fresh Fruit Shop Retail Juice Restaurant Table for Sale

juice counter

Are you looking for a fresh fruit juice shop design? It’s very important to choose a good juice shop for business. Because you will win many clients and gain a good reputation. No matter how much size your juice shop is, I am sure this nice juice shop will give you some ideas.

Introduction of the fresh fruit shop

Fresh fruit and juice view as a healthier food and drink, many poeple like to have a cup of juice in their breast for hours. This fresh fruit shop has a glass display showcase, cashier counter, work table, and cabinets. We can also make wall decorations and let the whole juice shop look better. The main color is white and green, expressing a feeling of freshness and nature, very attractive.

juice standDisplay table

This display table is usually set in the font area so that clients can view and choose directly. You can also set a topping counter, glass display showcase here to make full use of space. Clients also order and pick up juice here because the cashier counter is set in the front area.


The work table is usually placed in the back area, water sink, blenders, and sealing machine, set on the counter table. We can use the bottom area to store products and food. While the back wall has multiple mosaic tile decorations in green color

juice showcaseMenu and logo

Menu and brand logo are very important for a food restaurant. We can hang the menu, a lightbox on the wall. Slogan and paintings also attach to the wall for decoration

Seating area

The seating area is very important for a juice shop. There is a panel insert to the all, you can use it as a dining table, clients can sit down and enjoy their drinks

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