Colorful and Attractive Candy Store Furniture Display Stand for Sale

candy furniture

Most of the candy shops use colorful decoration, that highly matches the products and attracts the eye’s attention. Clients can recognize you from distance. No matter you plan to open a candy store in the shopping center or a street shop, this candy store design can give you good ideas.

Introduction of candy store furniture

The candy shop furniture includes a unique display counter, wall shelving, storage cabinet, gondola display, and cashier register. You can sell candy, toys, and snacks in this shop. It’s better to make a 3D design based on the layout plan, you can arrange the furniture in a suitable location.

candy counter

Reception counter

There are 3 cashier registers in the shop, clients can check bills without waiting a long time. A brand logo can add to the top.  The color is white and blue, you can also make other colors that match the shop theme

Wall shelving

There are wall cabinets at the back sidewall, it is in a curved shape and has logos on top to guide people. We can also add light under the top of each layer to increase brightness. At the bottom, we can add storage cabinets or drawers to restore goods.

candy store furniture

Center display counter

We can see there is a large oval display counter in the shop center. It has 3 layers in total and can show items on 4 sides. Attractive toys and kids’ favorites candies and snacks can place here. In this case, children can help themselves, you can also increase sales. The most parent will buy things for their kids.

candy furnitureSlat wall display

There is a slat stand near the display counter. It has display shelving on 4 sides, we can show all kinds of products here. There are wall display cabinets near the glass window, clients can see your products directly.

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