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candy store furniture

A candy shop is a good place to buy all kinds of sweet candy and lollipops. Both children and adults like candy because it has a delicious taste and gives us a good spirit. Here is a nice candy shop furniture sharing with you.

Candy shop furniture layout

Before opening a candy shop furniture, it’s better to make a 3D design. You can arrange all the furniture in the proper location and can view each candy display effect.

candy display shelvingService counter

The service counter is placed on the right side, it has glass display showcases at the front, clients can buy popcorn and sweet food here. While the back wall has shelving to place items. It can also use as a service counter with a cashier register. Clients can check bills before leaving.

Wall cabinets

Wall cabinets and shelving are very important in a candy store. It can not only decorate the wall but also increase the display showcase area. The wall cabinet has multiple layers, each has a light lamp to highlight items. We can add a lightbox painting at the top, that can attract people, and also guide them to buy their items.

candy shop furniture Center display

The Center display has a unique shape, can freely place candies that clients can purchase easily. The popular styles of the center display are round shapes with 3 layers, gondola display, slat wall display at two sides, and lollipop stand. You can also choose unique designs to make your candy shop looks better. Besides, you can also add candy models, candy trees to decorate your store.

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