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When opening a candy store, people like a special and unique candy store design. It makes your store stand out and customers can choose to buy from you in the first place. No matter when you plan to open candy store furniture, using customize candy furniture is a good idea. Here is a nice candy store design to share with you.


Candy store furniture design

candy shop furniture

These candy store cabinets are fit for sweet food, and snacks and even sell retail products. The main style of cabinet is metal texture, creating a high-tech shop theme. We can make the surface to be gold, red, and black color, the purpose is to make your candy store look good.

Wall cabinets

We can see the wall cabinets have golden metal frame support. It has 5 layers in total and the bottom has storage cabinets. We can also add grid wall cabinets to sort out items in a good way, each shelving has a light lamp to highlight the products.

candy store deskRound display counter

There is 2 found display in the shop center. It is shaped like a basket because it has a handle at the top. And the cabinet contains 3 layers, you can display different products for customers to choose from.

Service table

The back wall has a round shape reception counter. It is in red countertop and the cabinet surrounds by honeycomb mesh. It allows 2-3 poeple to work together. You can use it as a customer service desk and can also use it as a cashier counter. Behind the center is a color brand image wall with Neon business letters and pattern, that looks lovely and creative.

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