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convenience store

Do you plan to open a convenience store? A convenience store is part of daily life because people can buy food and snacks here. The convenience store cabinets include wall display shelving, double sides stand in the center, a cashier counter, and unique cabinets you want. Here is a convenience store design sharing with you.

Description of convenience store

convenience shop cabinetConvenience stores are usually on the street, in residential areas, or even on the first floor of shopping malls. You can decorate the convenience store with lovely and creative elements. For example, we can use black, wooden, and red to make the display cabinets. Posters and wall paintings are good ideas to make your shop attractive. Don’t ignore the lighting decoration, the chandelier and spotlight make the cabinets look better.

convenience store display

Wall cabinets

Open display shelving and cabinets wall cabinets make the cabinets look good. It has 5 layers in total, each can set a kind of food for purchase. We can adjust the shelving height according to the products. That can show them well.

Display shelving in the center

Purchase suitable gondola display shelving for your shop. A display stand with adjustable shelving on both sides is a popular style. Because that can present items to clients well.

retail shop counterReception counter

The reception counter along with back shelving shows the shop theme well. Because clients pay cash here and even consultant with employees, adding a business name and company culture is a good idea to promote.

Please also leave space for beverage equipment, that allows clients to purchase their favorite drinks. It can also increase sales performance.

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