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convenience store furniture

Do you plan to open a convenience store? The convenience store is essential in our daily life. Because people can easily buy necessities and food. Here is a nice convenience store sharing with you.

Description of convenience store design

Both small and large shops are suitable for starting a convenience store. Like most convenience stores, you can place wall cabinets, gondola stands, and counters to start a business. The primary material of convenience stores is Plywood with wood veneer. Metal to make the display shelves that can set more products for selection

daily store fixtureWall cabinets

Wall cabinets are important in a retail shop, you can place the food and snack here. For this convenience store, there are beverage showcases on the wall, people can purchase beverages directly. The wall cabinets have red brick wall decoration that looks very retro and very unique.

display counterDisplay shelves in the center

We can see the cabinets has multiple shelving, you can place the products on both sides. Clients can purchase easily, and employees can also sort out products conveniently. Please take the walk area into consideration.

Reception desk

The reception desk usually set the back wall or near the entrance, so that clients can be served immediately. And they can also check bills before leaving. The business logo attaches to the front counter, which helps to improve the brand image. Lightbox posters and advertising patterns can attach to the back wall, that guide people to buy popular items from you.

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