White Candy Store Furniture Display Rack for Sale

candy shop furniture

The candy shop is very popular because people can buy sweet lollipops and all kinds of candies here. If you find a retail shop to start a candy business, the first step is to measure the shop size. Then make a floor plan and arrange displays in a suitable location. Bellow is a nice candy shop furniture design sharing with you

Description of candy shop furniture

If your shop is not big, you can choose a wall cabinet and center display counter to show products. However, if you own a large place, then you can add candy models decoration, unique designs of candy display, and even curved cabinets.

This candy shop has wall shelving on both sides, a reception counter at back. Behind it is a brand logo wall. While there is a round shape display counter in the center, clients can see and purchase directly. There is white clouds style of light hanging on the top as decoration.

candy display cabinet

Wall display shelving

We can see in the design, the wall shelving has multiple levels of shelving and is divided into different sizes. That is convenient to place differnet sizes of products. Each shelving has a light lamp to increase brightness.

Center display counter

There round shape display counter has acrylic boxes inside, each can place a kind of product. It has many layers, that are convenient for clients to purchase.

Reception counter

The reception counter is in white color but has black frame decoration. It is very important for a store because it is also used as a checkout counter. While the brand sign or advertising posters attach to the back wall. The brand signs can also attach to the kiosk body to enhance brand image.

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