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Hello everyone ,Today we will introduce you cake showcase.The cake is made of eggs, sugar and wheat flour. With milk, juice, flavor powder, salad oil, water, baking powder as accessories. After stirring, preparing and baking, a sponge- snack is made. So that is the cake. Cake is dessert loved by most of us. While eating the cake, it not only satisfies your optic nerves, but also satisfies your taste system. There are many kinds of cake, like fruit cake, chocolate cake, durian cake,etc. We constantly  renovated the taste of the cake. Many people love fruit cakes . rich fruits, and it supplementing various vitamins needed by the human body, are beneficial to health.


Beside this, the cake is not only the afternoon tea dessert, but also it can be regards as breadfast. For the people don’t like to make breadfast, eatting one piece of cake can fill the stomach. So have you ever think about to develop another you own sidelines? Selling the dessert cake would be a good choice. Here is our cake showcase, just employ one person if you have to busy  your own work. Now let me introduce this cake showcase to you.


The basic material of cake showcase is colorful plywood, which can catch the attention from the others. Size 1.5*1.5 *1.2 meters.We see the actylic logo and dessert poster on  both sides. We can put coffee machine on the counter. So we sell cake and coffee together. We can also provide some white table and chairs for shoper. They eat the cake while they enjoy the afternoon time.

cake showcase cake showcase cake showcase


About our factory

We are manufacturer of all kinds of shopping mall kiosk and retail shop furniture. With our own factory and office located in Shenzhen city, Guanggong Province, China, which can help to save cost.We have a professional designers and engineers. They provide creative suggestions and make ideal kiosk and shop furniture design for us. We have an elite sales team that help customer make their dream true. We sent kiosk and shop furniture all over the world, and get great feedback from our customers.



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