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Hello friend, good morning. Glad to know that you are in the market of multi-function cup cake stand for food business. As for starters, they wants a unique designed kiosk for their store. Because a customized cup cake stand can not only support their sales, but express the culture to customers. And people can find them at the first sight. When it’s your first business and wants to expand your business in the future, you should choose a high quality and beautiful kiosk. Here is a nice design may help you better. Let’s view more about it.

food kiosk

3D Design for the Cup Cake Kiosk

The Cupcake kiosk  is made into MDF with baking paint as a surface treating. In order to make the kiosk more attractive, we add the top with the logo. Then customer can see the brand, although it has long distance. The whole kiosk include the logo, light strip, light box and so on.

Kiosk Layout


We can see from the design photo, the basic tone is black with grey counter top. And in the front side, we can see there is a big topping showcase and a 2-layer display stand for cup cakes, so that people can buy easily and check out here. On the left side is big warmer for restore and display food. There are 3 self-service ice cream machines, so that customers can help themselves convenient. Closed to them are big menus and bright box advertise, customers can learn all the prices and products you sell from here. The big top ceiling is for both decoration and logo installation.


First Step: We will do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. As you know, it is very important for the whole production. We will produce the wooden cabinet, we will reserve the relevant place for the sockets, logo, light strip and the logo.

Second is to polish the wooden cabinet to make the kiosk more smooth and bright.

Third  Step: We need to make 4 primers and the 2 baking paints.

Final Step: We will install the logo, light box, light strip sockets and etc.


The time include 3 period time. One is for design time, Second is production time, Third is shipping time.  Design time will take 3-5 working days. The production time will 22-25 working days. For the shipping time, it depends on which port is near to you.

How to Install it?

When we produce it, we will divide the kiosk into several parts according to the construction drawings. When you receive the kiosk, you just put them together according the construction drawings. Then connect the wire together.

How to Pack it?

The whole package include the interior package and the outside package. The interior package we will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the cabinet. Then we will use the film to wrap and fix the whole cabinet.

The outside package is made into MDF. When you put the interior package into the wooden box, you need to put the foam board. Then nail the wooden box.

More information you want to know

The whole kiosk includes working counters, storage area, hidden cables, light strip, acrylic logo, mental frame, and even marble table. We will assembly well in our factory, so when you receive the goods, you can use it directly. Since all the details follow on our customers’ idea. If you are going to start, please let us know your requirements and even leave enough time for production.

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