With the rapid development of public transportation, more and more entrepreneurs choose to open a food kiosk at the station and airport. People are where people flow. Many people ride in a hurry, they do not have extra time to eat or buy food. If you open a food kiosk at the station, you will be able to gain more customers and make a profit. Today, I want to share a nice snack kiosk for your reference

Introduciton about snack and food booth

As for open a food kiosk, you don’t need a big location. The size 3m by 2m can help your business. As for this kiosk, it covers an area of 4m by 3m, with dosplay shelves and wall cabinets. You can put all the machines to the kiosk. And add display shelves to place more items. In the front  side is a cachier register in the middle, and food warmer in the left side. The drink fridge and cake machine on the right side. Besides, there are locked cabinets and shelves in the back side. It also has wood floor. Do you like this design idea? Let’s view more details together. Therefore, if you are going to open a food kiosk, please decoration it follow on your idea.

retail food kiosk bread kiosk drink cabinet drink stand

More information

The main material of the kiosk is Plywood with laminate. The counter top is man made stone. Other materials include stainless steel, solid wood, hardware, etc. You can let us know your ideas, then we can make a new one for you.

You can find a great food and drink kiosk option in Unique Furniture. We production food kiosks for more than 10 years. And help our customers make professional kiosk designs. If you need such a retail food booth stand, you can feel free to contact us. I am sure that we can meet your demands. We are looking to hear from you. Thank you

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