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With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for their own appearance are becoming higher and higher. And the beauty industry came into being. On the basis of the beauty industry, the medical beauty industry pays more attention to professional medical technology and standard medical environment, with higher professionalism and safety. So it has attracted much attention in the market. The term beauty can be understood in two ways. The word “appearance” was the top choice, followed by “beauty.” “Face” includes face, posture, and grooming three levels of meaning. “Beauty” has two meanings, adjective and verb. The adjective indicates that the result or purpose of beauty is beautiful and good-looking. The verb refers to the process of beauty, that is, to beautify and change. Let’s explore the beauty origin and how to open a hot beauty kiosk.

Therefore, simply speaking, beauty is a kind of change the original bad behavior and disease (face). So that it becomes civilized, high-quality, with an acceptable appearance and image of activities and processes. Or products and methods used to achieve this purpose.

Beauty origin

Facial make-up (art of facial make-up) is the art of making one’s face beautiful. The word beauty originated from the ancient Greek “kosmetikos”, meaning “decoration”. Whatever the name, the practice of beauty has been around since ancient times. Archaeologists have found artifacts from that period that indicate that dyes and perfumes were used in different places. By 5000 BC, black antimony powder was used for eyebrow tracing and dyeing, lead was used for eyeliner, green peacock stone was used for eyeshadow, etc. Surprisingly, ancient women’s makeup and modern women have amazing similarities. Such as finger dyeing, toenail painting, lip painting, eyebrow painting, hair dyeing and so on.


Ancient time

In ancient Egypt, people applied various potions and ointments to their skin in order to moisturize it and protect it from the sun. Ancient Egyptian women like to use black paint to paint the outline of the eyes, green paint made of peacock stone powder on the eyelids, use black gray antimony powder to paint the eyebrows as slender as willow leaves, use milky grease on the body, use red paint to smear lips and cheeks, and even hand, foot nails are dyed orange red, very striking.

Beauty was very popular in Europe in the Middle Ages, and by the Renaissance, the art of beauty was greatly developed. In the 1880s, modern beauty salons began to appear in the West. In the Yin and Shang dynasties of China, people have used the Yandi red and blue flower leaves to mash juice and condense into fat to finish.

According to records, the daughter of Zhou Zheng in the Spring and Autumn Period used white powder to cover her face and blue and black paint to paint her eyebrows. After the Han Dynasty, the words such as makeup, makeup and ornaments began to appear. Facial mask appeared in the Tang Dynasty. Modern women have a very high demand for beauty and beauty, and the level is relatively different.

Beauty sort

Beauty originated from human ancestors. Since there have been humans, there has been beauty. Beauty is to beautify people’s looks. With the development of society and the improvement of science and technology, beauty has been constantly changing and improving from content to form. According to the different connotation of beauty, modern beauty can be divide into two parts: life beauty and medical beauty.

1, life beauty refers to the use of professional skin care cosmetics and professional beauty instruments, the use of professional skin care methods and massage techniques, the human skin for comprehensive care and maintenance. Life beauty can be divided into two categories: care beauty and cosmetic beauty.

2, medical cosmetology refers to the use of a series of medical means into the skin, the appearance of the human body and various parts of the body for maintenance, repair and re-plastic.


First, since the 1960s

Beauty is an attitude to life, and the more people’s expectations of beauty change, the more intense. Although people’s sense of beauty has been changing, the pursuit of beauty has not changed. People’s understanding and pursuit of beauty can be seen by stars who are at the forefront of fashion. In the 60s and 70s, people pursued bright eyes, bright red, shiny lips were the highlight of that era, to the 80s and 90s it was blonde hair, wavy, women pay more attention to the body, and today’s girls pursue a natural makeup beauty. Any exaggerated dress will make people feel unreal and unnatural.

When it comes to beauty, it’s natural to think of beauty salons. All kinds of professional products in beauty salons meet people’s basic needs for beauty, and beauty equipment is from basic skin care to plastic beauty, which can almost make girls who love beauty achieve any effect they want. After the evolution and development of the four generations of minerals, sheep fat, pure plants and chemical products, the beauty cosmetics market is ushering in the fifth generation, which is the era of biological beauty products.

The first of the fifth generation of beauty cosmetics is collagen, known as “skin in skin”, and the composition of deep skin protein is very close to the skin, can quickly absorb for the skin, supplement collagen, fade out melanin, collapse wrinkles. It can help to synthesize and repair damaged collagen, elastic fibers and polysaccharide bodies, thereby strengthening their structural shape, vitality quality and cell density. This part of the protein is compose of collagen and elastin.


So how do you open a mall beauty kiosk?

The beauty industry has always been in high demand, especially in recent years, as people’s living standards have improved and the popularity of social media has led more and more people to pay attention to their physical image. Therefore, opening a beauty kiosk with characteristics and innovation to meet the growing needs of people is expect to win market share.

In addition to making people more attractive, beauty kiosk can also bring physical and mental health benefits. For example, regular facial maintenance can keep the skin nutritious and moisturized, and also help improve blood circulation, reduce eye fatigue and facial stress, thereby improving overall body condition and maintaining health.

With the increasing attention of consumers to the beauty industry. Beauty kiosk have become a necessary choice for modern consumer demand. So the advertising and information around the beauty industry constantly stimulate consumers to want to go to a beauty shop.

To create a beauty kiosk with a net celebrity style and deep attractiveness, you need to pay attention to the following aspects. First of all, a very high quality and professional service is provided to ensure that customers enjoy a pleasant and relaxed feeling in the store. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep pace with The Times, understand the latest beauty trends and social media marketing methods. So as to use the advantages of the Internet to spread the beauty product brand to build brand reputation.

If you don’t have enough money to start with, consider raising funds and crowdfunding solutions to meet your financial needs. Making friends, networking, marketing and publicity, and finding investors more broadly are all effective ways to raise money. Of course, it is ideal to try to find like-minded friends with technical and business management experience.

Promotion ideas:

Before the beauty kiosk opens, make sure that there is enough promotion and publicity. You can introduce the opening hours, featured services, and value advantages to consumers through business advertisements, outdoor advertisements, online advertisements, etc. And advertise and invite cards by distributing leaflets to community groups or through digital channels (such as social platforms, E-mail). At the same time, please pay attention to the quantification of funds and the determination of sales strategies. It is recommend to match a professional market research report to develop a more accurate sales plan according to the target group, positioning style and characteristic items.

Profitability is an issue that every startup needs to consider.

The profit of beauty shops is usually achieve from the following aspects: selling beauty service results, selling auxiliary products or cosmetics, sponsoring or cooperating with manufacturers to promote products, selling privileges or membership systems, and carrying out marketing and promotion cooperation models. It should be note that technology and service are always the way to survive long-term business.

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