Bright Cosmetic Kiosk Beauty Trade Show Kiosk For Mall Sale With Custom Design

Nowadays, many cosmetic kiosk showcases can be seen in malls. The beauty industry has become more and more popular, and most people could make up for special occasions. Sometimes, we can see the makeup display cabinet at first sight because the kiosk was usually put at the entrance.  We will have a look at a trade show booth.  It is a practical cosmetic kiosk.

Description of the cosmetic kiosk

The whole size is not so big, you can put the middle of the mall. On the front side, we can see three different counters. One is a big wall counter, used for putting products to show. The second counter is a small counter, that has a brand letter logo.  We use red and white to decorate the counter.  The third counter is an electronic screen, customer can click the instruction to watch the product they need. And then know more information about the product.

cosmetic kiosk

Production of the cosmetic kiosk’s material

On the left side, there is a mirror for customers to see the trying effect. The basic material is MDF with baking paint, red white, and black color. It is not colorful, but simple and high-end. About the kicking area, we will use Class A Plywood to make the kicking area, it is moisture-proof. Even if it has small water on the floor, the furniture won’t get wet.

cosmetic kiosk

Unique design service

Our company is a professional retail counter manufacturer in china.  On the one hand, we have a professional design team with many years’ experience. On the other hand, we modeled each counter individually, and then render the effect of different angles. So you could see the three-dimensional effect. Our designers can help you get the place in the mall smoothly. You can submit the design to the mall manager for review, and we will fully cooperate to update the design if the mall has feedback.  If you have a floor plan, let us help design.

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