Unique and Useful Cosmetic Kiosk Retail Modern Cabinets for Sale

Mall kiosks are good places to provide make-up services and sell cosmetics. For a retail booth station, it is good to express business, gain reputation, and promote new products if in need. For clients, they can enjoy skincare projects and cosmetic services easily. So don’t forget to purchase a customize and upscale cosmetic kiosk before starting.

Description of cosmetic kiosk

This cosmetic kiosk size is 5m by 3m, we can make the display counter, sofa, decoration wall, and reception counter in a suitable area. So that clients can accept service in a suitable location. To get a high glossy and smoothie effect, we use MDF to make the kiosk body and the surface white and black baking paint. It makes the cosmetic shop look good and elegant. The flooring is in gray color, which highly matches the cosmetic shop theme.

cosmetic counter

Display counter

There is a display counter on two sides. We can put up posters, and display shelving on the surface. While the countertop has a cosmetic stand to place popular makeup products, clients can view and select directly. Make-up samples can also attach here for clients to try on.

makeup shop in the mall

Reception counter

The reception counter is set in the middle area, and you can serve everyone entering the shop. And the sofa with tables in front the desk, accompany poeple can have a rest here, clients can also wait somewhere.

cosmetic kiosk

Decoration wall

The decoration wall stands on the back side, it has black color inside and white outside. The top has a decoration strip in a wave shape, looks attractive. Two sides have a working table mirror in the middle. Chairs can be set here to provide make-up service. Besides, the front area we can also use to place products to attract more clients.

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