High-end skin care kiosk cosmetic product display showcase for sale

The skincare market has always been a favorite. There is a great demand for both big-name and mass-market skincare brands. Because people always want to look beautiful and stay young forever. Do you want to start a skin care or cosmetic business? To start a business not only opening a shop but also a small mall kiosk can help you to start it.

This is a high-end skin care kiosk cosmetic product display showcase for sale. Let us introduce the details of this skin care cosmetic kiosk design to you.



The four corners of this cosmetic kiosk all have a mirror station. And on the countertop have a glass display showcase on four corners to display the skin care and cosmetic kiosk. So that the customer can see and choose what they want. Inside has a small cashier desk and a facial bed.

The mirror station on the four corners can for you offer the makeup service. And the customer can try on the product here. Meanwhile, the advertising of your business is also important. We can add your logo to the kiosk design and some lighted boxes for advertising. If necessary, we can add a small sofa in the kiosk design, then the customer can have rest and a waiting area for them.



We can make a customize cosmetic kiosk design to fit your business. Our design team can make your logo on the kiosk design and the layout according to your requirement. The customer can check the effect of this customized 3d design and let us know the ideas. Our designer will change the 3d design if the customer has something wants to change. A customized 3d design will charge a 300USD design fee.

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