Ranking of the world’s top 10 perfume brands

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Eau de Toilette should be the most widely used in the perfume series, mainly because it has a very refreshing fragrance and does not produce an unacceptable strong smell. The price is also relatively cheap, making it very suitable for people who are using perfume for the first time. Today, let’s list the top ten brands of eau de toilette and see which one is suitable for you.

1. Chanel

Date of establishment: 1913

Brand Origin: France

Brand introduction: Chanel is a famous French luxury brand. It is very famous all over the world. Its business scope is very wide. Perfume is not its main business. Its main business is clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, skin care products, etc. Chanel has always maintained an elegant, simple and exquisite style, and breaking through tradition is also a major feature of it.

The double C logo, diamond pattern, and camellia are the three major symbols of the Chanel empire, and the No.5 perfume/2.55 handbag/little black dress/two-color shoes are timeless classics in the fashion industry. Chanel brand takes a high-end route, with fashionable simplicity, simple comfort and pure style. “Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal” remains the guiding force behind the brand.

Chanel’s famous perfumes include N°5, N°19, Encounter, Cocoa, Sensual Charm, etc.

2. Dior

Date of establishment: 1947

Brand Origin: France

Brand introduction: Dior is a world-renowned French fashion consumer brand and the parent company of LV. Its business scope includes women’s clothing, men’s clothing, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, children’s clothing, etc. Christian Dior is often referred to simply as Dior or CD by his fans.

“Dior” is the combination of “God” and “gold” in French, and gold later became the most common representative color of the Dior brand. Dior inherits the tradition of French haute couture with fine workmanship, represents the aesthetic taste of mature women in upper class society, and symbolizes the highest spirit of French fashion culture.

Dior’s famous perfumes include True Me, Mademoiselle, Sweetheart, Sweetheart Elf, etc.

3. Lancôme

Date of establishment: 1935

Brand Origin: France

Brand introduction: When we mention Lancome, the first thing we think of is its cosmetics. Lancome is a well-known high-end cosmetics brand in the world. Its business scope involves skin care, makeup, perfume, etc. Lancome’s brand image is a budding rose.

Lancome has always been With its unique brand concept, it fulfills its commitment to the beauty of women around the world and brings beauty and dreams to countless beauty-loving women. Lancome has successively launched Marrakech, Magie, and Tresor. These perfumes have achieved great success in terms of packaging materials and fragrances, establishing Lancome’s unshakable position among perfume brands.

Lancôme’s famous perfumes include Brilliance, Miracle, Precious, Dream, Precious Midnight Rose, etc.

4. Guerlain

Founded: 1828

Brand Origin: France

Brand introduction: Guerlain is a brand that originated from perfume. Its main business scope is perfume, skin care products and skin care products. Guerlain is also a skin care brand for the Paris royal family and has a history of nearly 200 years. The Guerlain family has experienced four generations of Guerlain perfumers and has launched more than 300 fragrances. Several of them have become the most collectible perfumes in the world.

Guerlain’s famous perfumes include One Thousand and One Nights, Midnight Flight, Madama Butterfly, Aido, Flowers and Waters, etc.


Date of establishment: 1930

Brand Origin: France

Brand introduction: People who don’t know perfume may not know this brand. It is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world. It is famous for its production method of the best flowers and essential oils. It is one of the few perfumes in the world that has professional perfumers.

One of the companies, its perfume brand Joy jean patou was born in 1930 and was later acquired by P&G in 2001. The perfumer is Jean Badu, who used to learn from Chanel, but later determined to create a world-class perfume on his own, so he has such a star brand in the perfume industry.

JEAN PATOU’s famous perfumes include joy, 1000, and Jean Patou (Jean Patou) Arrogance, Voyager, etc.

6. Burberry

Founded: 185

Brand origin: UK

Brand introduction: Burberry is a luxury brand with a strong traditional British style. Its main products are raincoats, rain gear and silk scarves. Perfume is just one of its side businesses. People who are familiar with Burberry will see “Burberry plaid” as soon as they see it. Your favorite brand. Burberry’s windbreakers and perfumes are very famous in the world.

Burberry’s famous fragrances include Burberry 2013 Summer Sunshine for Men and Women, Pink Love Song, British Style, and Weekend Lady.

7. Nina Ricci

Date of establishment: 1932

Brand origin: Italy

Brand introduction: Nina Ricci was originally a company that started as a clothing company. Later, it became famous all over the world for its perfume. It is one of the top ten perfume brands in the world. The founder of the Nina Ricci brand is Nina Ricci, who was born in Italy.

She was one of the most outstanding fashion designers in Paris in the 1930s. From its inception until the beginning of 1998, Nina Ricci has been a family-owned company. Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps “Eternal” perfume – with its classic egg-shaped bottle and two flying doves, it is elegant and luxurious. It is the most famous perfume in France and one of the best-selling perfumes in the world.

Nina Ricci’s famous perfumes include Coeur Joie, L’Air du Temps, Premier Jour, Nina, etc.

8. Armani

Date of establishment: 1975

Brand origin: Italy

Brand introduction: Armani is one of the world’s most famous luxury brands. It has an irreplaceable position among Italian luxury brands. Its main business scope includes men’s clothing, women’s clothing, sportswear, jeans, watches, sporting goods, leather accessories, Home decorations, accessories, perfumes and more. With the expansion of Armani’s fashion field, Armani has gradually developed into other fashion fields, and in 1982 founded Armani Armani Perfume Company.

Armani’s famous perfumes include Wonderland, Love, Impression, Diamond and so on.

9. Gucci

Date of establishment: 1923

Brand origin: Italy

Brand introduction: Gucci is a very famous Italian luxury clothing brand, but it is also one of the top ten perfume brands in the world. Its current products include clothing, leather shoes, watches, home accessories, pet products, silk scarves and ties. In 1975, Launched Gucci perfume products in 2015.

Gucci has always followed an aristocratic route, with a luxurious and slightly masculine style. It is popular all over the world with its perfect and exquisite Italian craftsmanship and the brand spirit of integrating luxury and fashion.

Gucci’s famous perfumes include GUCCIRUSH perfume, GucciRush2 perfume, Gucci new men’s eau de toilette, etc.

10. Bvlgari

Date of establishment: 1884

Brand origin: Italy

Brand introduction: Bulgari was originally an Italian jewelry brand. It started by making exquisite silverware. Later, it diversified and expanded its products to include jewelry, watches and fragrance products. Bulgari’s perfume immediately won the favor of the international fashion industry with its elegant, timeless and unique fragrance.

Bulgari takes color as the essence of design in jewelry production, and creatively combines gemstones of many different colors, and then uses bases of different materials to highlight the dazzling colors of the gemstones. Bvlgari is bold, unique, noble and classic. Balance also combines classical and modern features, breaks through the strict rules of traditional academic design, and is inspired by Greek elegance, Italian Renaissance and 19th-century metallurgical technology to create Bulgari’s unique style.

Bulgari’s famous perfumes include Treasure Fragrance Series, Bulgari Night Jasmine, Amethyst Pure Perfume, Blue Tea Women’s Eau de Toilette, Omnia Perfume, and Bulgari Business Pure Perfume. Jingcui women’s perfume, etc.

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